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Copper Post Caps for Logs

Copper Post Caps - Preserve the value of your log home with the finishing touch: elegant crafted copper that adds beauty while preserving your investment in your home. We offer a range of post caps to protect your posts against rot; jack wraps to protect the base of your posts; railing wraps to complete and protect your railings; roof vents which beautifully enclose your vents; and copper kickplates to add finish and protection to your doors.
All copper products are offered in natural copper and, over time, will develop a beautiful antique finish which will blend in with your log home decor.
The sooner you can get copper post caps on your log posts the better.
To Measure for Post Caps, be sure to measure all your log posts to achieve a nice fit. Take the widest diameter across the top of your deck or dock post, caps are made in 1/4" increments, if your measurement falls in between sizes, it is up to you if you want to round up or down on the quarter inch. For a snugger fit you may need to remove a small amount of material from your post either by sanding or grinding with an angle head grinder and a rough grit of sand paper (60) grit.
These custom hand-made copper post caps made per order and usually ship out in approximately 6 weeks.

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