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Maintenance Free Log Siding

EverLog™ Systems is a unique construction material company located in Missoula, Montana that offers a family of concrete log and timber products with the exact look and texture of natural wood cabin logs while eliminating the problems associated with wood log home construction.

Concrete EverLog products are found on residential, commercial, resort, and other structures nationally and internationally. From cozy mountain log cabins to custom log homes and lodges of dramatic scale, their concrete log products are the worry free and environmentally friendly solution to wood log construction.

What products does EverLog Systems offer?

EverLog Systems offers three concrete log and timber products, these include:


EverLogs are insulated, structural, handcrafted concrete logs used on everything from log houses and log cabins to luxury log homes. Typically used as an exterior wall system, EverLogs provide superior maintenance free performance and appearance over traditional wood log homes. Log profiles available range from 16” hand-hewn timbers to 12” milled round logs with a variety of saddle notch and dovetail corners.

EverLog Siding™

EverLog Siding is an engineered concrete log siding and concrete timber siding product used on renovations and new construction projects. Designed to perform better than logs, our cement log siding will instantly transform the look and performance of any cabin, home or commercial structure. The log siding Profiles range from hand-hewn timber siding to 8” half-round logs.

EverLog Timbers™

EverLog Timbers are worry-free, engineered, structural concrete timber components used on both exterior and interior applications. Our timbers replicate real wood timbers and are produced in a variety of timber frame shapes and sizes to fit your construction needs and architectural style. All of these components provide the WOW factor you’re looking for and will make a dramatic and immediate impact in the appearance of your log home.

What problems do EverLog Systems’ products solve?

Concrete logs and concrete log siding eliminates the structural instability, costly maintenance, susceptibility to wildfire, mold, insects, and other problems commonly associated with wood log construction materials.

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