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Chinker's Edge Technical Data

(Not to be considered specifications)

Color: Mortar White, Buff, Pecan, Light Gray, Khaki

Fire Rating When a 1-hour fire rating is required or desired, use Log Jam Chinking.

Packaging: 5-gallon straight-sided tan pails and 29 oz. fiber cartridges

Water Resistance: Chinker’s Edge forms a water resistant skin in 1-4 hours after application.This resistance depends on bead size, humidity and temperature. If applied in cool or humid weather and rain is imminent, covering the chinking with a plastic sheet may be necessary.

Service Range: -30°F to 250°F

Paintability: Paintable with oil or latex stains after 1 week cure time. If giving chinking a facelift with Brush Over, make sure chinking is cured.

Compatibility: Compatible with most sealers and preservatives, including linseed oil, borates, pentachlorophenol and copper compounds.

NOTE: Some coatings contain wax or other chemicals, making adhesion difficult. Contact www.Westernloghomesupply.com for more information.

Shelf Life: 18 months from date of packaging.

Passes: ASTM C834-00 Latex Sealing Compounds, ASTM G-53 QUV Accelerated Weathering: 4,000 hrs ASTM D-638 Max 250%, Tensile Strength 36psi, after 28 days room temperature cure ASTM C-920 (12.5)

VOC: 0.28 lbs/gal; 34 g/liter

Adhesion: 1,2 (180° Peel): Call Sashco for stain compatibility with Chinker’s Edge

Cure-Through Time: 3 weeks (1/2” thickness. 70°F, 50% relative humidity)

Viscosity: Approximately 280,000 cps at 10 rpm, spindle #14

Freeze-Thaw: Passes at least 5 cycles (0°F to 70°F)

Hardness (Shore A): 29

Slump: 1/16” (Max) in test joint (3-1/2”H x 3/4”D) at 70°F

Stain: None

Elongation @ Break: 550%

Tack-Free Time: Less than 30 minutes (70°F, 50% relative humidity)

Water Resistance: No washout (4 hours; 40°F, 50% relative humidity)

Washout - None
Cracking - None
Discoloration Passes - ASTM C834-00

Snow: Be cautious of areas where snow builds up around the structure and remains for extended periods of time. Snow removal is recommended for these areas to ensure the ultimate adhesion of Chinker’s Edge.

  • Ultimate adhesive strength attained in 3-6 weeks depending on bead size, temperature and humidity.
  • Dry adhesion is tested after 28 days room temperature cure. The average of several tests is reported.