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Half Rod - 1-1/8" x 550" Length

Half Rod - 1-1/8

Backer Rod is used for Chinking joints greater than 1/4". Backer Rod is a round, flexible length of extruded polyethylene (it looks like a rope made of foam). Backer Rod is used to create a surface backing for the chinking. At the same time, it insulates and saves on the amount of chinking material used. But most important, Backer Rod acts as a bond breaker allowing the chinking to adhere only to the top and bottom of the logs, not to the backer rod. This allows the chinking to flex naturally as the logs shrink, instead of peeling away.

Advantages of Half Rod:

  • Flat chinking surface eliminates rounded backer rod telegraphing
  • Easier to install (softer, more pliable)
  • Will compress more to fit a wider range of joint sizes (fewer sizes required for varying joint sizes)
  • Half Rod is an open-cell product that eliminates foam outgassing.
  • Allows for faster cure