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How do I use a follow plate?

How do I use a follow plate?

These handy accessories fit snugly inside 2-gallon or 5-gallon pails. There is a threaded ring in the center to accept a 2" diameter bulk guns such as the DL-45 or DL-59 series. It has has the added advantage of keeping air and other contaminants out of the caulking.

  • To operate, place the Follow Plate directly into the caulking and press down firmly to remove air pockets.
  • Remove the front cap from gun and advance the rod as far forward as it will go.
  • Thread the gun into the Plate.
  • While exerting pressure down onto the plate, and pressing on the recoil or thumb release, pull back on the rod to fill the gun.
  • When full, unthread the gun from the plate and replace the cap and nozzle on the gun.
  • Cover the opening on the follow plate with a piece of plastic to limit material contamination and curing between fills.