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New Log Home Design Services

Pre-Design - Available options - (Regional)

  • Lot / Site selection: Assistance in providing appropriate lot to locate your new home.
  • Presentation of properties (with the assistance of local Realtors or Sub-dividers) in your preferred area that meet your specific needs.
  • Review and evaluation of properties for optimum building location, orientation for maximum view or solar gain.
  • Home Style / Floor plan selection: Assistance in selecting the Style (Country, Ranch, Contemporary, etc.),
  • Size (s.f.), Levels (Rancher, Multi-level, Walk-out), and Layout (floor plan).
  • Design - Included with each design
  • Style (Exterior Elevations) Study: Design / Revise exterior home elevations based on original ideas, photos or magazine / catalog clippings to create the unique exterior of your home.
    Our Designs Save You Time and Money:
    Some examples are:
  • Using even increments around the perimeter of the house and in the interior where possible. This saves on material and labor costs.
  • Using cantilevers instead of foundation jogs to save on foundation costs.
  • Making efficient use of all square footage by not having "dead space". Many areas can be used for niches, closets and small storage areas (for linens or sundries).
  • All stairs are individually designed for the specific home and located in the most practical and /or aesthetic location. Stairs are designed to not interfere with foundation and joist systems.
  • All construction documents are efficient in layout. Many homes (Contractor grade) can be completed on 2 sheets. Often larger or more custom homes and higher grades (Architectural)which require more detail will require more sheets. Contractors appreciate the clarity and ease of not having many unnecessary pages.
    Structure design:
  • Each home includes roof and floor joist layouts. These layouts assist in the design to ensure proper location of critical structural members and ensure correct fit. These layouts are for design reference only and structural members must be verified by licensed engineer.
    Client interaction:
    Each home is designed with a series of meetings, either face to face (regional) or via electronic media, with the Owner, Contractor or both to make sure that their specific needs and desires are met.
  • Initial meeting - This meeting is to gather all information, interests and requirements for the home.
  • Draft meeting - This meeting is after all areas of the home are coordinated in a plan and verified for "workablility". At this meeting, areas of concern and ways of making the project better are discussed.
  • Final / Approval meeting - Once the home is "95%" complete, a final meeting takes place for review and error check before Construction Documents are printed. This ensures the Owners satisfaction and saves cost of unnecessary reprints.
    Drawings can also be transferred via e-mail in .pdf format and clients can review and comment from anywhere in the world.
    Fees may vary per region. Contact us for pricing.