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Organiclear - How to Keep Your Log Home Looking New

Organiclear WR-SERIES
Premium Oil-Based Wood Coating System Specially Formulated For Log Homes
Like any other outdoor wood product, your log home needs protection from the elements. With minimal periodic maintenance, you can keep your log home fresh and new looking for years. WR-5 Wood Coating and Finishes provide this protection.
WR-5 provides a barrier to sleet, snow, and wind-driven rain. It also helps to prevent drying out which causes warping and splitting. UV light absorbers help prevent wood fibers from degrading and help wood keep its natural color longer. Stains containing light-resistant pigments are available and may be used to help block destructive sunlight, while adding a touch of color. WR-5 may be applied with a brush or non-fogging sprayer.

  • To Restore The Original Color Discoloration caused by exposure to weather can be removed by scrubbing with a stiff bristle or Osborne brush and a bleach solution described below. Some stains and discoloration can be removed in ten minutes or less. Stop the bleaching action with a fresh water rinse. Allow the wood to thoroughly dry, and then apply WR-5 for long-term protection.
  • To Remove Pitch Remove excess pitch with a heat gun or hair dryer and a paint scraper. Scrub the wood with a stiff bristle brush and a bleach solution as directed below. Rinse with clear water, allow the wood to dry, and refinish with WR-5 . Do not attempt to remove pitch with solvents because this only redistributes it within the wood.
  • To Remove Stubborn Stains Scrub the stain with a stiff bristle or Osborne brush and the acid solution described below. Rinse with clear water and allow the wood to dry. Then finish with WR-5.
  • Removing Mill Glaze
    Although a brand new deck or wood surface may look clean, it has dirt, mildew, waxy residues and mill glaze.
    Mill glaze is produced by high speed planes in modern lumber mills. Often the high speed planes not only plane the wood, but they crush the exterior wood fiber to create a very shiny lumber surface. The crushed fibers do not let stain and seal coatings absorb properly, causing finish failure.
  • Apply a deck preparation mill glaze remover product
    These products are designed to clean the deck, lower the pH, relieve the surface tension and help the wood to absorb the sealer or stain evenly. This assures maximum stain absorption, prevents flaking or scaling of the coating and leads to a longer lasting job without a splotchy look.
  • Bleach Solution: Dissolve one quart of household chlorine bleach in one gallon of warm water. For heavily soiled wood, or for pitch or grease, dissolve one cup of TSP-90 (available at your hardware store) in the bleach solution. Where TSP-90 is restricted, a non-ammoniated detergent may be substituted.
  • Acid Solution: Dissolve one cup of oxalic acid crystals (available at your hardware store) in one gallon of hot water.