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Start Right Program

Start Right Program

How many times have you said, “If only I knew then what I know now”? It's that sinking feeling of regret that we've all experienced at one time or another. Through the years we've talked to thousands of log home owners who may have used the wrong stain or who used a stain made for the special needs of logs but it was applied incorrectly, resulting in major maintenance costs. They call us for help after they have a heartbreaking mess on their hands.
That's why we created the Start Right Program, so that you won't have to go through the expense and frustration of trying to fix a botched stain job that could have been done right the first time. Right now you have a unique opportunity to put a good maintenance foundation on your home while the logs are “fresh” with nothing on them. If you “Start Right,” your home will be continuously beautiful, maintenance will be easy and you will experience cost savings in the long run.
Here's how our Start Right program can help you:

  • 3 Year Warranty
    If your application is done according to Start Right guidelines we will give you a 3 year warranty that covers the stain cost and up to $500 in labor. You may believe that 'any' good stain should last 3 years. Press them for a warranty!
  • Manufacturer Supported
    The Start Right program is available only through authorized log home manufacturers. They have adopted this program to ensure that you are satisfied with the look and longevity of your house for years to come. If their houses look good, they look good!
  • Application Guidebook This manual is a step-by-step guide showing you in full-color illustrations exactly how to prepare and stain your home. It also gives you tips on preventing maintenance problems (such as where to locate shrubbery). The $100 cost of this manual is fully refundable when you purchase your stain.
  • Trained Applicators If you don't want to prepare and stain your own home, we can refer you to trained applicators. We have over 100 trained applicators country-wide who have been through our in depth through a Zero Failures Training seminar. We wouldn't go to this extent if 'any painter' could be successful. This is not like painting an interior wall or staining siding. However, no matter what applicator you choose, you will have your Start Right application manual to make sure they are doing it correctly.
  • Maintenance Reminders Once you are part of the Start Right program, we will contact you yearly to remind you to inspect your home and help you identify any problems. Taking care of these early will prevent them from becoming expensive. We will know what stain and color that you used and follow-up maintenance you perform over the years. It’s like having a maintenance history on your car and that always improves your resale price.