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Dear Mr Clyde Cremer,
It was great and surprising at the same time to get such valuable and tailor-made feedback and advice from over the ocean.
Together with my brother in law we will have an in-depth look at your comments and check whether we can apply your remedies in practice.
Fine to hear that you're familiar with our country. In fact our 'chalet' is situated at not more than 25 kilometers from Malmedy in the Belgian 'Ardennes'.
If you allow, we'd like to send you some more detailed pictures so that you can get a more precise look of our wood-problems.
Anyhow, thanks a lot and warm regards from some new Belgian friends,
Johan Hosselaer Ignace De Nil

Hi Clyde,
Just a line to thank you for your time and product. The owners of the restaurant are very pleased with the look of the rough cedar fence as was I. I have attached a picture of one of the sections. After we got them all installed, it made the landscape really come together. I will forward a picture after we are finished for you to see. Jim was very nice to talk to and had everything all laid out for us. He got us loaded and gave us a tour. I am sure we will be doing business again in the near future.Thanks again.
Gary Eck
Central Landscaping & Nursery

It has been my experience that log home books come in two flavors. There are the coffee table books with all those gorgeous photos of homes that would make Donald Trump drool... the dreaming and planning books.
Then there's the books that need to be on everyone's shelf if they are really serious about buying or building a log home. Your book not only fits this category, but in my opinion it leads the pack. I bought your book soon after it was announced. I try to buy most new log home books because I learn new things and enjoy reading about other people's experiences and opinion.
I have recommended your book on my blog, and to people that have written to me for such advice. You and your father did an excellent job of covering every possible topic related to log homes. Kudos!
Tom Heatherington
Log Cabin Directory