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Whats so great about Conceal Textured Caulk?

We have specially formulated Conceal with texture and natural looking pigments to allow the product to blend in with surrounding wood so that the caulk lines are virtually hidden or "concealed". In addition, the seven Conceal colors were formulated to blend in with the most popular stain colors used on log homes. So when you apply Conceal to a stained home, this caulking is more likely than traditional caulking products to "disappear".
Conceal also has an amazingly high elasticity rate. When used in conjunction with a bond breaker and applied according to the Conceal Data Tech directions, it can withstand the extreme movement that log structures undergo. Conceal also has incredible adhesion to most stains.
Product Coverage Rates per Case of 29oz Tubes:
ź'' x ź'' Wide: 616 Lineal Feet
ź'' x ˝'' Wide: 308 Lineal Feet
ź'' x ž'' Wide: 231 Lineal Feet
˝'' x 1'' Wide: 78 Lineal Feet