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Press Release - The Complete Guide to Log Homes Book star img

Press Release - The Complete Guide to Log Homes Book

Seasoned Log Home Professionals Publish Guide for Buyers Authors’ Book Provides Pertinent Information from Start of Project to Finish

Bloomington, IN (January 5, 2009) — With the move toward more energy-efficient living and the widespread use of “kit homes”, log home development has seen a steady increase even in recent years. With decades of years in the business, Clyde and Jeffrey Cremer, operators of American Log Homes, noticed that most laypersons, and even builders, are lacking quality information about log homes to make wise decisions during the building process. Based on this dilemma, the Cremers used their expertise to compile and publish a guide to assist log home buyers entitled, The Complete Guide to Log Homes.

Using the Cremers’ experience in the industry and Clyde’s extensive educational background, which includes a master of forestry degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Science, The Complete Guide to Log Homes, provides invaluable information on buying and building a log home. Clyde and Jeffrey offer professional advice on every aspect of the process, from idea stage to completed project, and explain how to choose the right style of home to fit each individual’s budget and site selection. They also discuss a full range of topics including:

• Tree Species Used in Log Homes
• Estimating Costs
• Construction Concerns
• Log Home Care
• Evaluating and Purchasing an Existing Log Home
• Threats to Log Homes

The Complete Guide to Log Homes offers handy checklists and a glossary, and provides illustrations and questions to ask at different stages of the process. By using easy-to-understand terms and explanations, Clyde and Jeffrey cover wood basics, including drying, shrinkage, rot resistance and insulation, and also include considerations such as windows, doors and site preparation. The breadth of knowledge they provide readers comes from their combined education and experience dealing with log home customers every day.

“Based on many years in the business, we firmly believe that far too many potential customers do not have quality information available when they shop for log homes,” states Clyde. “This book provides you with that knowledge, enabling you to make intelligent decisions at every step of the process.”

The Complete Guide to Log Homes gives buyers the ability to deal with any log home company. By empowering them with facts from seasoned professionals, buyers are more capable of purchasing the right home to suit their personal needs. More information can be obtained by visiting http://www.TheCompleteGuideToLogHomes.com.

About the Authors Pau Clyde Cremer brings a lifetime of expertise to the design and construction of high-quality log homes. He founded American Log Homes in 1977, and he maintains his connection to forestry as a professional member of the Society of American Foresters. Jeffrey Cremer worked in the family business while growing up and through college. He holds a bachelor of arts degree in sociology and is currently studying for a master of science in construction management from Arizona State University.

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