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The Buffy Pad System star img

The Buffy Pad System

The Buffy Pad System - 5" pads

Buffies leave little or no swirls in the wood and work much faster than random orbital sanders. Great on most hand-rail spindles and on most flat surfaces (as well as round)!


  • Extremely fast de-felting
  • Gentle, fast prep of new logs, wood
  • Ideal as sole interior prep method
  • Economical
  • Super easy to use and change-out (no lock-nuts, or tools required!)
    Three elements make up the buffy pad system:
    1. The 5" non-woven Buffy Pad is pressed and twisted into the Grabber Pad (and then pressed into it again and reverse twisted, for solid holding power).
    2. The Grabber Pad protects the much more expensive Backer Pad from damage.
    3. The Backer Pad screws onto the 5/8" X 11" grinder/polisher arbor.
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Buffy Pad (30 pads per bag) The non-woven fabric pad that is pressed into the black plastic "T" hooks of the Grabber Pad
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Grabber Pad (10 pads per bag) This pad holds the Buffies and protects the expensive Backer Pad. Grabber Pads are used up at the rate of about 1 per every 10-20 Buffy Pads.
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Backer Pad (1 each per bag) This pad attaches to the 5/8" x 11 arbor (i.e., threaded end of the attachment shaft) of grinders and sanders, and holds the Grabber Pad. The rubber, tapered face allows...