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Log Home Gasket Tapes

Log Home Gasket Tapes

Most expanding log home gaskets are made of either closed-cell or open-cell foams. Exceptions are butyl tape and liquid sealant that relies on adhesion to the log to pull them open.
Closed cell foams are less suitable as seals because their individual cells are essentially gas bubbles which tend to deflate over time.
Known as “compression set” this failure to recover typical of closed-cell foams results in the failure of the product to fill and seal changes in gap size caused by movement.
Open-cell foams that have been filled with an impregnating sealant, on the other hand, retain their sealant and recovery properties when compressed to as little as 12% of their original uncompressed dimension.

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Log Home Gasket Tape is a closed cell, medium density (8-lb) PVC Foam tape that provides a positive air, water and dust seal in all common log home joint designs. Log Home Gasket Tape is designed f...