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Log chinking is important for any log home. Chinking fills the in-between gaps in log walls, and provides protection and insulation from the outside elements.
High quality log chink material stretches and compresses and stays elastic, minimizing the chances of premature cracking, peeling or pulling away from properly prepared home logs. It creates a tight seal on crevices that effectively prevents unwanted dust, wind, and moisture from seeping into the log cabin interior. It is generally recommended to apply a stain that is compatible with the material before filling in the log wall gaps.
Here at Western Log Home Supply, we carry a wide selection of high quality cabin chinking and caulking products, and other sealants for log home construction, maintenance and repair. We also carry a wide variety of stains, which can serve as a base for the log chinking, improve adhesion of the material, and help protect your home against all kinds of weather conditions.

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1/2” Flex Line 36” L & 1/2” Key ValveFeatures: 12” key 6” length by 1.2 dia flex line 5/8” connector 0.5” key valve