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Company Information

No other log home company offers the dynamic combination of absolute expertise, dedication, quality, and commitment that American Log Homes provides. Company founder and president Clyde Cremer built on his childhood love of nature in rural Iowa to earn a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. He then completed a Master of Forestry degree from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies in 1973.

Clyde founded American Log Homes in Missouri in July 1977, moving its headquarters to Pueblo West, Colorado, in 1984. Since the earliest years, he has been guided by his deep and broad understanding of log homes' basic building material. "We know what we're doing with wood," says Clyde. "I like taking timbers and turning them into a house that people can be proud of."

Whatever the log styles or log types, American Log Homes painstakingly dries its logs to 15 percent or less moisture content. "You don't have to worry about or allow for the shrinking, settling, or twisting you sometimes get with improperly dried logs," says Clyde. "Our logs are guaranteed." That quality commitment extends to how American Log Homes treats its customers. "We explain everything in minute detail," says Clyde. "We stay with them throughout the process." Adds Jeff Cremer, Clyde's son and company vice president, "We even get questions from people we sold to back in 1982, about how to care for their homes, and we'll help them out and do whatever it takes, also providing the best log home maintenance products for the job."

The end result is incomparable homebuyer satisfaction. "There are a lot of happy people out there because they bought a log home through us," says Clyde Cremer. "We never forget that people are not numbers. They're individuals, trying to build their dream homes."

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